Frequently Asked Questions



What is a community bicycle shop?

In our shop, you work on your bike along with one of our volunteers. You do not simply get the bike fixed, but leave with some knowledge of how to handle repairs yourself. We also sell recycled bikes at reasonable prices, offer classes, and sponsor other activities.


What are your hours?

We are open Tuesdays from 3pm – 7pm. Other hours are by appointment. Visit our Facebook page and send us a message:


How do I get to your shop?

We are at the northeast end of the Pajama Factory, at Park and Rose St. in Williamsport, PA. Go into the lot behind the old greenhouse. Below the sign in the left hand window is a buzzer. Ring and we will let you in.


Do you buy used bikes?

No. People donate bikes they no longer want. These bikes would otherwise go to the landfill. Our volunteers refurbish them.


Do you take trade-ins?

No. If a bike you bought from us has a problem, bring it in and we will fix it.


What is the Build-a-Bike Program?

We have many good used parts in our Parts Department. If you pay for a frame,  you can use our parts, tools, expertise, and shop time. We are happy to work with you at your convenience.


What is the Earn-a-Bike Program?

You can choose a bike from our donations inventory. For a small fee, we work with you to fix it.


How can I help?

Contact us to Donate bikes, bike parts, and accessories.Volunteer your time. We need people who know how to fix bikes or want to learn. Make a cash donation. Help promote bicycling in Williamsport.


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How do I donate a bike?

Visit us during our regular hours, contact us, OR you can drop off a bike in the trailer in front of our shop. Our volunteers monitor this area for any new donations.