We are committed to Bicycle Friendly Streets for our Williamsport, PA cycling community. We achieve this through Bicycle Advocacy programs – both locally and nationally. Join us to help make our streets safer for cyclists. The League of American Bicyclists recognized our programs to promote bicycling by awarding our non-profit, Factory Works, as a Bicycle Friendly Business. We are pleased to be recognized for our efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers and the community.

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Bicycle Friendly Communities

Municipal Challenges

These programs incorporate improved conditions for biking into our community’s vision for the future of a healthier, eco-friendly and bike safe Williamsport. Join our collective VOICE.

Where Does it Start

Join our collective VOICE

Join us in our Bike Advocacy campaign to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our bicycling community.

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The Right to Ride Safe

Williamsport City and surrounding local communities such as South Williamsport, Loyalsock, Montoursville, Duboistown and others offer residents a wide range of shopping, cultural events, and bike commuting opportunities.

Our citizens deserve safe streets to ride in and enjoy the mental and physical health benefits that go along with it. Contact us to find out how we are advocating for bike lanes and bike friendly streets to be incorporated into city planning.

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What Does this Actually Look Like?

It all starts with a conversation.

With our collective voice, we need to approach each municipality with practical, cost-effective solutions. We know the beauty of our community – being known as a bike-friendly city makes us an attractive destination for visitors and potential new citizens. Adding to the appeal of our city can bring in potential new businesses who want an attractive living community to help recruit talent into their business.



Let us know some places that present problems. Take a photo. Or send a description.

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The plan for the River Walk Access is in progress. But if other places in town were more bike friendly, people would be less hesitant to try cycling in the city.

With the help of the Williamsport Bicycle Committee, we will try to tackle some of these problem areas by adopting techniques which have worked in other communities.